[Uneex] Re: [Uneex] Re: [Uneex] Что позволяет C

Peter Novodvorsky uneex@cs.msu.su
17 Dec 2001 11:55:03 +0300

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike E Matsnev <mike@po.cs.msu.su> writes:

    Mike> On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 11:35:46AM +0300, Peter Novodvorsky
    Mike> wrote: Даа...  Из K&R: ======= Rather more surprising, at
    Mike> first sight, is the fact that a reference to a[i] can also
    Mike> be written as *(a+i). In evaluating a[i], C converts it to
    Mike> *(a+i) immediately; the two forms are equivalent.  =======

    Peter>  Однако про i[a] тут ничего сказано не было.

    Mike> Тут сказано, что для любых X и Y, X[Y] преобразуется в
    Mike> *(X+Y).

точно, ошибся. sorry.

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