[Uneex] TEST & newbie question

Fr. Br. George uneex@cs.msu.su
Mon, 9 Jul 2001 19:01:53 +0400 (MSD)

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001, Timofey Korolyov wrote:

> Всем привет!
> Случайно наткнулся на ваш список рассылки, а заодно прочитал в ваших
> новостях, что вы проводите экзамены и встречи. Не расскажет ли кто-нить
> как, где и когда все это проводится.
  Hello!. I'm George. This was my idea to start this seminar.
It's dedicated to UNIX (my favorite flavour is FreeBSD).
We're meeting once a with one subject to discuss we'll suppose to
prepare through this maillist. The seminar is also a meeting point
of any kind of Uniceoids to create a discussion atmosphere.

Now we're on the vacation. Please check maillist to find out what we
point as interesting things. I know the Alt-Linux seminar in the
institute of Logic
will continue at the end of July, ask Peter Novodvorsky.

I'll be back (I already said) at August, and we'll copntinue to meet.

Hope to see you.

			George V Kouryachy (aka Fr. Br. George)
			email: frbrgeorge@intelligencia.com